INVENTORY: Industrial Vocational E-Journal On Agroindustry

Title: INVENTORY: Industrial Vocational E-Journal On Agroindustry

ISSN: 2723-1895

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Accreditation: Grade 4 [Sinta 4]

DOI Prefix: 10.52759/inventory by Crossref

Affiliated: Badan Kerjasama Penyelenggara Pendidikan Tinggi Teknik Industri

INVENTORY: Industrial Vocational E-Journal On Agroidustry is a scientific journal published by the Unit of Research and Community EmpowermentPoliteknik ATI Padang, Indonesia. INVENTORY is published twice a year, i.e. in June and December. It publishes articles in the scope of applied research in industrial engineering systems and their technologies, especially the agro industry. INVENTORY publishes most of the manuscripts on agro industrial engineering with its systems and other industrial sectors. INVENTORY has collaborated with the BKSTI (Badan Kerjasama Penyelenggara Pendidikan Tinggi Teknik Industri)to support INVENTORY and working together in managing journals, exchanging articles, and distributing articles broadly together. INVENTORY was Crossref member and used DOI prefix 10.52759/inventory. We are looking forward to accepting articles from potential authors, please kindly searched our homepage for information and instruction.




End of Year 2022


Dear Authors, Readers and Reviewers

As the year 2022 is closing, we are delighted to share the distribution of author affiliation coverage in INVENTORY: Industrial Vocational E-Journal on Agroindustry this year. With this map, we set our strategy for the coming years, during which we will continue to grow. We always strive to disseminate knowledge and technology. Your help in promoting INVENTORY to reach a wider range of authors is important to us, and we are very grateful. Keep sending us your best articles, and we'll grow together.

Posted: 2022-12-31

We are on Sinta 4 now


Dear Editorial Team, Reviewers, Authors and Readers

We would like to announce to you all that INVENTORY has been accredited with rank SINTA 4 by the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia since Volume 1 No 1 2020 to Volume 5 No 2 2024 according to Decree No. 105/E/KPT/2022. Thank you for your support.


Editor in Chief

Posted: 2022-06-15

Vol 4, No 1 (2023): Published in June 2023

INVENTORY | Industrial Vocational E-Journal On Agroindustry Vol 4, No 1, 2023 consists of 5 articles with author affiliations originating from:

  • Politeknik APP Jakarta
  • Politeknik Industri Logam Morowali
  • Politeknik ATI Padang
  • Universitas Jenderal Soedirman
  • Universitas Bhayangkara Jakarta Raya
  • Universitas Andalas
  • Universitas Surabaya

Table of Contents


Fajar Ciputra Daeng Bani, Muhammad Alde Rizal, Firdhani Faujiyah, Trisna Yuniarti
DOI: 10.52759/inventory.v4i1.103 | Abstract Views: 83 | Downloads: 71
Kadex Widhy Wirakusuma, Ari Pranata Primisa Purba, Katon Muhammad
DOI: 10.52759/inventory.v4i1.110 | Abstract Views: 162 | Downloads: 41
Widya Spalanzani, Panji Sarengat, Rifda Ilahy Rosihan, Erwin Barita Maniur Tambunan
DOI: 10.52759/inventory.v4i1.115 | Abstract Views: 60 | Downloads: 22
Rahmi Ramadhany, Rika Ampuh Hadiguna, Ahmad Syafruddin Indrapriyatna, Suci Oktri Viarani
DOI: 10.52759/inventory.v4i1.108 | Abstract Views: 59 | Downloads: 32
Olyvia Novawanda, Clifton Suharjono, Leonardy Sentosa
DOI: 10.52759/inventory.v4i1.117 | Abstract Views: 20 | Downloads: 26